Development Environment

How to install

How to build

  • Build Redpin with the supplied ant script and run it using the scripts in the RedpinServer/scripts directory.

Production Environment

How to install

How to use MySQL

  • Install MySQL Community Server
  • Run the 'redpin_mysql.sql' script from the src/resource directory within the RedpinServer project to configure the database.
  • Set the database access credentials by setting the 'db.type' and 'db.location' in the file '':

How to use the Locator

  • For better performance, install LIBSVM
  • Configure the svm.libdir to point to your installation path in the file '':
    svm.libdir = libsvm-2.9
  • Optional: Configure the training rate of the svm locator to fit your needs, e.g. train every 10 minutes:
    svm.trainrate = 10

Import maps

  • Save map image as png, gif or jpg.
  • Upload image file to your web-server.
  • Use netcat or telnet to send the following request to your server:
    {"action":"setMap","data":{"mapName":"YOUR MAP NAME","mapURL":""}}

Interface Specification

The interface specification of the redpin standalone client can be found here